You may have been wondering if a general dentist can perform cosmetic dentistry for you. After all, they are trained in the basics of oral health. While cosmetic dentists can perform dental bridges and teeth whitening procedures, a general dentist specializes in a specific aspect of dentistry, such as dental aesthetics. A general dentist may be the right choice if you need your teeth to look their best.

General Dentists Perform Cosmetic Dentistry

While general dentists focus on dental health, restorative procedures, and routine cleanings, cosmetic dentists focus on the look and feel of teeth. These procedures can improve your smile, boost self-confidence, and correct various oral health concerns. A general dentist can perform cosmetic dentistry, but not all dentists specialize in this field. In rural areas, there are few cosmetic dentists available. Find a dentist in your area who specializes in cosmetic dentistry by browsing dental listings online.

Trained in The Basics of Oral Health

Almost 80 percent of North American dentists are general dentists, and their primary responsibilities are to prevent gum and tooth disease. Their work includes cleanings, oral hygiene education, and dental exams. They may also recommend sealants or custom mouthguards for their patients or cosmetic procedures such as veneers and bonding. However, there are some specialties that general dentists can perform.

While general dentists can perform many procedures, cosmetic dentists have specialized training and may be more costly. They typically offer a more comprehensive range of cosmetic services, while general dentists focus on preventative maintenance, hygiene, checkups and emergency treatments. Choosing the right dentist for your needs can make all the difference.

They Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

When one or more of your teeth is missing, your dentist can recommend a dental bridge to replace them. This type of bridge is a reliable solution that restores the natural appearance of your smile while filling the space left by missing teeth. It is ideal for people with several missing teeth, as this option is fast and easy to install. However, you must be healthy enough to undergo this procedure.

They Can Fill Cavities

General dentists are skilled in a wide range of dental procedures. They can use advanced laser technology to remove decay and whiten teeth without drilling. Lasers also speed up operations such as gum surgery, which is less invasive than traditional methods. 

Besides helping patients improve the appearance of their teeth, cosmetic dentistry procedures can also help improve their oral health. However, it’s important to understand that general dentists do not specialize in cosmetic dentistry despite being able to perform some cosmetic procedures. If you require a family dentist in Leamington, Essex, contact us at 519-916-0151.